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Located in venues across the United State, Power Qube provides portable batteries that safely and quickly charge your electronics. Our powerbank can be rented and returned to any Power Qube kiosk in the United States. You can charge your phone on-the-go at anytime, anywhere.


Power Qube is a new energy solution company engaging in design, development and deployment of smart electronic energy solutions for consumer electronic industry.


Green New World project strive to give everyone around the world an equal opportunity to fight climate change and to make the world a better place through Power Qube’s smart electronic energy solutions.


Changing Climate

The world is getting hotter every single day and the sea level is rising 3.4 meters a day per NASA

Water Shortages

1Bln people lack access to water and a total of 7Bln find water scarce for 1 months of the year

CO2 Emission

Carbon dioxide levels in the air are at the highest in 650,000 years

Land Issue

Land becomes barren and are on fit for majority of plantations

Energy Security

Decreasing rainfall and drought resulted in lower level at dams that negatively impact hydropower

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